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Teach Something Extraordinary 

Industry-linked student programs

Creating Equality, Equity & Diversity in STEM Education

Our programs have a core aim to attract a diverse student-base and  inspire future career pathways in STEM related fields through immersive, industry-linked, and hands-on engagements.

We see a great need to connect industry with students to raise awareness of job opportunities and to attract a diverse future workforce. Our programs are based on a dynamic delivery structure where the students learn new STEM skills applied in real-world problem solving scenarios.

The program is suitable for both Primary and High School students.


Learning Outcomes

All programs are developed by leading industry professionals and teachers to  align with the local school Curriculum. Students will gain valuable knowledge in  STEM related fields and problem solving including:
  • Challenges and opportunities in current and future industries
  • Design Thinking as an Innovation Tool
  • Engineering principals
  • STEM skills including 3D Design, Coding, Robotics, IOT, Drones, & much more
  • Problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills

Class Delivery

Dynamic delivery structure for a broad age-range.

We provide award-winning STEM Education for kids across the globe. The immersive classes are delivered online with pre-recorded content  supported by real teachers. The learning journey is based on a structured  framework with step-by-step instructions for self-guided learning.

Classes developed and delivered by teachers 

Classes are developed and delivered by  professional teachers with a key focus on learning outcomes  and educational value.

Online Class Delivery

We will provide each student with online learning  content for self-guided learning in school or from home. The  online content is a mix of pre-recorded videos and worksheets for  a rich learning experience.

Learning Support

Our team of professional teachers provide learning support  during the class delivery. Students have access to messaging  while enrolled in the online classes through our LMS.
Example Courses
Autonomous Vehicles in Farming.jpg
Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 07.37.42.png
In this immersive STEM workshop students will learn how to apply STEM tools including Coding, Sensors, Robotics and Wireless communication.

The students will combine their skills to configure an Autonomous vehicle in a farming application.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the systems used in Autonomous vehicles and the farming applications 
  • Write and test code 
  • Use Robotics, Sensors and Wireless communication to configure an autonomous vehicle.
  • Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. 
In this immersive STEM workshop the students will learn about renewable energy sources including Hydrogen, Wind, and Solar Farms.
The students will use 'Design Thinking' and 3D Design Tools to design their own renewable energy solutions. 

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand how Hydrogen is produced and used as an energy source. 
  • Understand the fundamental principals of wind and solar farms. 
  • Applied STEM skills in 3D design and 'Design Thinking' as an innovation tool.
  • Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. 
Renewable Energy.jpg
Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 14.07.14.png
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